Abrasive carbide ceramics concrete core cutters diamond drill hard

Diamond Core Bits Vs Carbide Core Bits

Abrasive carbide ceramics concrete core cutters diamond drill hard

There are lots of different options that you can consider for drilling holes. For anything larger than that regular small diameter, you will have to use a core drill bit. There is a great variety of core drill bits as well when it comes to choosing the right one. The right drill bit for your project will depend on the type of concrete you are working on, its depth, and other factors like wet and dry as well.

People often seem confused when choosing one out of diamond core bits and carbide core bits. That is why we have mentioned some of the best combos down below for you to take a look on.

Rotary Drill And Carbide Core Bits

This will be the right combination to go for if you are looking for the cheapest option out there. Usually, the rotary hammer drill is easily available, and is therefore used in most of the cases. You can cut the concrete with the help of this combination by using the drill in rotate and hammer mode, and with the help of carbide core bits attached to it.

This process is done dry, and that is why you can expect it to create a good amount of dust. This combo works well in walls made with concrete blocks, but not with the poured concrete structures. If used in deep concrete or any other dense material. The bit will heat up and will get degraded very quickly. Moreover, these bits offer around only 2 inches of depth in drilling.

Dry Diamond Core Bits And Large Grinder

This option is also good for dry drilling on concrete block walls. But again, this isn’t an alternative of wet core drilling. You must use a larger grinder if you want slower RPM but greater power to dig the needed holes. Unlike a hammer drill that pounds concrete and gets it out of the way, the diamond core drill actually grinds the concrete it gets in contact with. This is the main reason why the drilled holes with a diamond core drill are cleaner and sharply edged. The drill hole measurement becomes also easier this way.

These bits will also get overheated if you try to use them on poured concrete that is very deep.

Spline Rotary Hammer Drill And Carbide Core Bits

This setup is also like the earlier carbide core bit setup we discussed, but with a larger spline rotary hammer drill and deeper carbide core bits. These bits are also only effective in concrete block walls, and should not be used in deeper poured concrete.

Core Drill And Diamond Core Bits

This is one of the best combinations that you will ever get to use if you want to work with a wide range of concrete types. There are lots of different variations of these drills, so you can get one that suits your specific needs. These also use water to keep the dust and unwanted heat away, and can be used with deeper concrete as well.

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